Treasures – Bootsy Holler


Join us for a presentation of Bootsy Holler’s new book, Treasures – objects I’ve known all my life. The photographs in Treasures are of simple objects from Holler’s mother’s home. “My mother has always been very particular about how she likes her things – every item has its place, every task has its way of being done. Inevitably, these things and this way have become part of my life as well.” Holler is a contemporary photographer strongly influenced by stories of family, history and place.

Holler’s collection is a portrait not only of her mother, but also of their relationship. “It’s not that these things are her ‘Treasures’ per se, it’s that because she thought these things were so important to take care of, and there were so many rules around how these things were to be handled, they felt as if they were more important than me.”

Treasures is a humorous look at the objects people live with, that we build our lives around, that we give breath to, and how they eventually become part of our lives – and tell our stories.

Bootsy Holler is a contemporary photographer strongly influenced by stories of family, history and place.  Whether she’s reimagining the family photo album or bringing to life stories behind specific inanimate objects, Holler’s work is driven by the powerful connection between previously untold stories, and portrayed by previously unseen points of view. Much of Holler’s work is rooted in her growing up in a secretive government area near the Hanford Nuclear site, home of the plutonium bomb that was said to have ended WWII.  She now resides in Los Angeles, traveling to find inspiration and connections with people, environments , objects and the unspoken secrets we all keep.

Bella LaVey, Fetish Girl: A Memoir of Sex, Domination, and Motherhood

How does an ordinary New England girl become an international dominatrix who gets flown to Milan, London, and Paris to elicit pleasure through pain?

Bella LaVey is a single mother faced with an uncertain future. She needs to provide for her young son but she has little education, no family support, and minimal resources. Her decision to become a stripper sets off a series of events that lead Bella through the different worlds of erotic wrestling, BDSM performance art, addiction, and a deeply dangerous relationship. Along the way, she uncovers the seeds of violence that took root in her childhood. Fierce and fearless, Fetish Girl artfully renders the true story of one woman’s discovery of her own limits as she balances mothering, desire, and survival—and finally arrives at healing.

Bella LaVey is a holistic sex coach, writer, educator and workshop facilitator. She believes that life opens us through our sexuality and that our sexual energy is inextricably linked to our creativity. She hopes to inspire others to burn through their shame, and embrace their erotic desires. After many years of journeying to sexual liberation to create a thriving, integrated life of sacred sex, intimacy, kink, and deep feminine devotion, Bella empowers men and women to create healthy, fulfilling and transformative sex lives and relationships in her Soulful Sexuality Coaching Program and workshops. Remote sessions are available. See for details.

Visiting Author Tyler Dunning


Tyler Dunning is on tour with his new collection of essays, A Field Guide to Losing Your Friends and this is his Portland stop, so hear him read while you can! He’ll be reading, answering questions, talking about grief and loss, and signing books.

“The middle of nowhere is always the beginning of somewhere.” Check out his video that led to his TED talk invitation here:

Visiting Author Jesse Johnson

Jesse Johnson and his book, Yearbook, are visiting us from Seattle. It’s a rare chance to hear Jesse read here in Portland!

Special Event with Visiting Author Robert Eringer

EVENT CANCELLED Described by T.C. Boyle as “a nonpareil road novel that winds up packing a real emotional punch,” Robert Eringer’s Motional Blur digs into the depth of character as only an investigative journalist and former intelligence operative could. Luke Anderson works part time at a black cab company and ends up driving a man on a long trip from Santa Barbara to Las Vegas, and beyond. With, seemingly, no destination in mind, this becomes all about the journey that these two end up taking together and within themselves. Eringer is visiting us from California, so let’s give him a nice Portland welcome. Reading followed by Q&A and signing.

Motional Blur 9781510711143