A Raven Lost – M.W. Horses

Join us for a reading from A Raven Lost: Reclaiming Magic Book 2, by M.W. Horses!

In book one, Raven Rayne, Native American Spirit Mage and Archaeologist, returned home to Portland from a life on the road as a vampire hunter. All she wants is to settle into her new life as a professor while keeping her family safe. But home is not the sanctuary she expected. The skills gained during her years as a hunter may not be enough. An alliance that goes against Raven’s very nature might be the only option to shield them from the brewing storm.

Now, in A Raven Lost: Raven Rayne’s recent alliance with Araceli, an ancient vampire, is on shaky ground and comes at an unknown cost. The vampire is pushing her to become the werewolf alpha and take responsibility for the local pack. However, Raven’s primary concern is rescuing Erin Radcliffe, her friend, and former lover, from the vampire who kidnapped her before it’s too late.

The number of people Raven must keep safe continues to grow. Every choice has a consequence as Raven tries to balance the risks of using her magic against the protection it provides. If only she had access to the ancient knowledge hoarded by the very creatures she hunts.

M.W. Horses lives in the Pacific Northwest with her tribe of family and friends. She is a professional cat herder by day and a writer by night. In her spare time, she can be found cooking for those she loves as a bribe to keep her beta readers coming back for more.