Running Off Radar, Worth the Wait: MB Austin and Karelia Stetz-Waters

Running Off Radar: Covert operator Maji Rios’s best friend was right: she was an idiot to break up with Professor Rose diStephano, even for the best reasons. When Rose offers her a week of R&R in Sitka, Alaska, she’s ready to let Rose decide if a relationship is worth the danger. But her plans to win Rose back are interrupted when work intrudes and duty calls Maji to help a SEAL team stop a Russian Mobster from harvesting gold from the bottom of Sitka Sound.

MB Austin is a mild-mannered civil servant by day, who plays with real people in the dojo and imaginary ones in her stories. She lives with her fabulous wife in Seattle, an excellent town for coffee-fueled writers who don’t need too much sun.

Worth the Wait: For fifteen years, Avery Crown tried to forget her best friend Merritt Lessing. The late nights studying, the whispered confidences, and the little touches that never turned into something more. Unfortunately, her efforts have not been as successful as her TV career as the queen of home renovation. So when she runs into Merritt at their high school reunion, Avery asks for one night with the woman she’s always wanted.

Merritt spent high school pining after Avery, but never made a move. Their friendship meant too much. The one time it seemed things might change, Avery chose her budding career. So Merritt did the same, throwing herself into her remodeling business. Now Avery is back, and while Merritt still hasn’t forgiven her for walking away the first time, they cant keep their hands off each other. But when their professional paths cross, and it seems like Avery is choosing her career once again, Merritt will have to decide if she’s willing to let go of the past and give herself a second chance with her first love.

Karelia Stetz-Waters remembers a time when romantic love was a holy grail she thought she would never find. Stories about lesbians all ended tragically. At seventeen, she was certain the best she could hope for was to die nobly for the woman she loved (who would never love her back, of course). Four years later, she saw her true love across a crowded room, and they have been together for twenty years. Knowing that happily-ever-after is possible for everyone, Stetz-Waters has made it her life’s mission to craft happy endings for women who love other women. She is also on a quest to spread “cliteracy” across the country, using her work as a romance writer to teach readers about female sexual anatomy, desire, and pleasure.

Karelia writes the Out in Portland series for Forever Yours at Grand Central. Her romance novels include Worth the Wait, For Good, and Something True. Other works include The Admirer, The Purveyor, and Lambda Literary Award finalist Forgive Me If I’ve Told You This Before. She has a Masters in English and teaches writing at Linn-Benton Community College in Albany, Oregon.

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Lesbian Lit Book Group – Sept

We’re meeting one week later than usual this month, because of Labor Day, and this month we’re reading a rare romance by a local author we’ve read and liked before (although not one of her romances). Worth the Wait will hopefully be worth the wait, as we heard Karelia Stetz-Waters share the first chapter at a reading over a year ago.

Pride Foundation Literary Fundraiser

It’s our annual Pride Foundation Literary Fundraiser! This is one of the most exciting events we have every year, where we get to highlight the great work done for the queer community by the local (Pacific NW) organization, Pride Foundation, and hear fantastic work by local queer authors. This year we’ll hear from Kate Gray (Carry the Sky), Karelia Stetz-Waters (For Good), Sam Roxas-Chua (Fawn Language), and April Daniels (Dreadnought). You’ll have an opportunity to donate to Pride Foundation after hearing about all of the amazing work they do, have authors read to you, nosh on snacks, and have a drink. Join us, it’s one of our “must not miss” events of the year!


Local Author Karelia Stetz-Waters

Karelia will be reading from her newest book, For Good, out last month. It’s her 5th book and could be called so-ro (socially conscious literary romance), as all of her books address a larger societal issue in the background. It takes place in Eastern Oregon, so is doubly local. Reading followed by Q&A and signing.


Mystery Book Group – August

Up next for our mystery book group is local author Karelia Stetz-Waters and her book The Admirer. We’ll be meeting at 7pm in the loft to do a quick critique of the book, and Karelia will be joining us at 7:30, when we can chat with her and ask her questions about her book/characters/writing routine/etc. She’s a fun lady, and not nearly as dark as I’ve heard her book is. Join us!



Lesbian Book Group – April

This month we’re reading/discussing local author Karelia Stetz-Waters’ book Forgive Me If I’ve Told You This Before, published last year by the local Ooligan Press. We meet the first Tuesday of the month and all readers are welcome. If interested in joining, email elisa@anotherreadthrough dot com.


Local Author Karelia Stetz-Water’s Book Launch and Gay Rights Panel

Karelia Stetz-Waters is on a book publishing frenzy, but that’s no reason not to celebrate her most recent book – Forgive Me If I’ve Told You This Before releases Oct 31 and this will be the book, Ooligan Press’, and Karelia’s first opportunity to celebrate. Because the book takes place during the time of Ballot Measure 9 debates in Oregon, we have a small panel to discuss this measure, Measure 36, and the recent May marriage decision that allows same sex couples to marry in Oregon. The panel will include Karelia, Lea Ann Easton (lawyer in the May decision of Geiger v Kitzhaber), and George Nicola of Gay and Lesbian Archives of the Pacific Northwest (GLAPN). We’ll hear from all of them, as well as hear Karelia read from the book, have a discussion and Q&A, have a chance to meet the author and have her sign your books, and celebrate the book launch!