Bella LaVey, Fetish Girl: A Memoir of Sex, Domination, and Motherhood

How does an ordinary New England girl become an international dominatrix who gets flown to Milan, London, and Paris to elicit pleasure through pain?

Bella LaVey is a single mother faced with an uncertain future. She needs to provide for her young son but she has little education, no family support, and minimal resources. Her decision to become a stripper sets off a series of events that lead Bella through the different worlds of erotic wrestling, BDSM performance art, addiction, and a deeply dangerous relationship. Along the way, she uncovers the seeds of violence that took root in her childhood. Fierce and fearless, Fetish Girl artfully renders the true story of one woman’s discovery of her own limits as she balances mothering, desire, and survival—and finally arrives at healing.

Bella LaVey is a holistic sex coach, writer, educator and workshop facilitator. She believes that life opens us through our sexuality and that our sexual energy is inextricably linked to our creativity. She hopes to inspire others to burn through their shame, and embrace their erotic desires. After many years of journeying to sexual liberation to create a thriving, integrated life of sacred sex, intimacy, kink, and deep feminine devotion, Bella empowers men and women to create healthy, fulfilling and transformative sex lives and relationships in her Soulful Sexuality Coaching Program and workshops. Remote sessions are available. See for details.