Chronicles of a Blessed Man – Paul Haber

Join us for a reading from Chronicles of a Blessed Man, a memoir by Paul Haber.

Paul Haber is a former career soldier- a Marine, then Special Forces (Green Beret) and Ranger. After retiring from the service, he held several jobs, including security officer, bodyguard, and martial arts instructor, before “finding his niche” with the Arizona Department of Corrections; progressing from Officer to Sergeant, to a type of counselor called Corrections Officer III, before taking an early retirement.

His personal life was not quite as successful. Ten years after a marriage to a woman he barely knew, he became divorced and hurried into another, against the advice of his parents and friends. He didn’t realize at the time that he was, in great measure, the cause of the split with his first wife. Fortunately, his second wife, Kyehwa would not give up on him, despite the usual- and some not so usual- problems in their marriage. He upbringing and her beliefs were strong enough that she persevered, and slowly taught him the meaning of love, responsibility and marriage.

Shortly after retiring from Law Enforcement, Paul was suddenly struck down with a ruptured small intestine, which brought him hours, possibly minutes, from a painful death. This is the story of that time, what he learned and beginning of a new way of life.

In addition to highly successful careers in the military and Law Enforcement, Paul Haber worked at more than four dozen jobs, ranging from warehouse worker to electronics instructor and even professional bodyguard. He says it was all research for his writing career, which really began after a near death experience, which became the subject of his first book, Chronicles of a Blessed Man.

He had been writing most of his life, with his first published work was a satiric limerick he wrote as a homework assignment in High School. His English teacher, rather than giving him the “F” Paul expected, submitted the poem to a Young Adult literary magazine and later presented Paul with a check of the princely sum of fifty dollars. That whetted his appetite for story-telling, but for many years, he wrote only for his own enjoyment and that of his children and grandchildren.

Once he began writing, it became almost a fever, and he quickly began several other projects, ranging from an autobiography to a murder novel.

Paul is married to Kyehwa, his bride of more than four decades, and is the father of seven, grandfather of twenty-seven (blood and adopted) and beginning to count the great grand-children. He lives in Vancouver, Washington.

A Raven Lost – M.W. Horses

Join us for a reading from A Raven Lost: Reclaiming Magic Book 2, by M.W. Horses!

In book one, Raven Rayne, Native American Spirit Mage and Archaeologist, returned home to Portland from a life on the road as a vampire hunter. All she wants is to settle into her new life as a professor while keeping her family safe. But home is not the sanctuary she expected. The skills gained during her years as a hunter may not be enough. An alliance that goes against Raven’s very nature might be the only option to shield them from the brewing storm.

Now, in A Raven Lost: Raven Rayne’s recent alliance with Araceli, an ancient vampire, is on shaky ground and comes at an unknown cost. The vampire is pushing her to become the werewolf alpha and take responsibility for the local pack. However, Raven’s primary concern is rescuing Erin Radcliffe, her friend, and former lover, from the vampire who kidnapped her before it’s too late.

The number of people Raven must keep safe continues to grow. Every choice has a consequence as Raven tries to balance the risks of using her magic against the protection it provides. If only she had access to the ancient knowledge hoarded by the very creatures she hunts.

M.W. Horses lives in the Pacific Northwest with her tribe of family and friends. She is a professional cat herder by day and a writer by night. In her spare time, she can be found cooking for those she loves as a bribe to keep her beta readers coming back for more.

PLEDGE: The Public Radio Fund Drive – Don Merrill

Join us for a look at a new project by journalist Don Merrill: Pledge: the Public Radio Fund Drive, a deep look into the tenuous finances of public radio stations.

Merrill got the idea for PLEDGE because he was annoyed by pledge drives he’d been hearing since the mid 90s, and he decided he wanted to rant about them. But he quickly realized that public radio is in a terrible spot between money and mission. Going deeper, he learned of things affecting the genre that most people never consider as they listen to their regular shows for days, weeks, months and years on end.

They include hunts for the ultimate content sharing technology, public radio’s struggles to not lose its soul to corporate money, how it must surveil its listeners to serve them without treating them like numbers or “prey”, how budget cuts can make stations change character or disappear altogether and finally, keeping affiliates from feeling bypassed by networks that have found workarounds to their audiences.

Public radio needs its listeners to understand it much better than they currently can. That’s because public radio hides its problems and convinces the world that everything is fine while facing stress fractures in every direction. It needs to be open and honest about what it essentially is, and needs, as when it asks for money. A greater public can more fully support it only if they know the real deal.

A lifelong journalist and writer, Don Merrill has created commentary for newspapers, articles for magazines and news and public affairs for on-air.

He’s been a producer and reporter for civilian and Armed Forces Broadcasting, worked for the Cincinnati Enquirer and was a public affairs specialist for the Federal Government. He especially loves working in radio and has been an avid public radio listener and supporter.

PLEDGE is his first book.

Inkwater Authors Night

Join us for our monthly reading by authors from Inkwater Press! This month we welcome Justin A. McWhirter, Lisa Manning, and R.M. Allan.

Thorne in the Rose City by Justin A. McWhirter: Thorne is an out of town loan shark who arrives in Portland, Oregon, for what was supposed to be an easy pick-up job. That is until he finds his target already dead, leaving him accidentally caught in a tangled mess of gun running, drug dealing, shady non-profit organizations, and Portland’s darkest secret— a secret the city is desperately trying to forget.

Falcons in the City by Lisa Manning: Have you ever imagined what it would be like to be a bird of prey? Frida, the peregrine falcon, narrates the story of how her family came to live in the city of Portland, Oregon, in the early 1990s. Although you might not expect it, cities—densely populated areas of the planet—can be permanent homes to all sorts of wildlife: coyotes, skunks, raccoons, red-tailed hawks, and even peregrine falcons!

“Falcons in the City,” a tale created from true stories of human-falcon interactions in Portland, is accompanied by beautiful watercolor illustrations. Once you learn this story of a falcon living on a bridge in a river city of the Pacific Northwest, you will be sure to bring binoculars on your next visit—and maybe catch a glimpse of Frida’s peregrine family!

Marco Martinez by R.M. Allan: 1867. The American Civil War is over, yet confusion and bitterness live on throughout the country and in the hearts of many. Marco Martinez steps out of the ashes of the war, a young man turned bounty hunter in search of his share of the legendary dream of something shiny and new and different calling from somewhere out West. Will the shadows of the near past—the sounds of the battlefield and the phantoms that haunt his dreams define him? Or will Marco Martinez somehow find himself while searching to bring outlaws to justice?

Justin A. McWhirter lives in Portland, Oregon, but like most people here in the Rose City is originally from somewhere else, having called Connecticut home before.

A naturalist, story lover, teacher, writer, and artist at heart, Lisa Manning lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband Dennis and daughter Lucy. She has a Masters degree in Outdoor Education and teaches elementary art, sings and plays her ukulele in Cajun and jug band jams, and designs T-shirts and wine labels. “Falcons in the City” is her first book!

R.M. Allan is a native of Oregon, where he currently resides with his family and a couple of cats named Harry and Sassy. He enjoys Americana, pinball, travel, American History, Action and Spy/ Thriller novels. He considers himself a dreamer: an imaginative and creative person always looking forward to what’s ahead.

Shallow Waters – Kay Jennings

Join us for a reading from Native Oregonian Kay Jennings, in which she introduces a thrilling new mystery series set alongside Oregon’s rugged Pacific coast.

A sleepy Oregon coastal village with secrets as dark as its January storms. A new police chief with his own shadowy past.

The last thing Port Stirling Chief of Police Matt Horning needed on day one of his new job was for the mayor’s daughter to turn up dead in a mysterious tunnel on the Oregon beach. Horning, escaping professional troubles in Texas, accepts the vacant job in Port Stirling, Oregon, looking for a fresh start in what he thought would be a peaceful coastal town. Nothing much ever happens here…or does it?

With only a ragtag county crime team to assist him, Horning must match wits with a diabolical killer, the likes of which this quiet village has never seen. An aggressive district attorney, who doesn’t fancy relinquishing the limelight to the new chief, makes his job even more difficult.

For one week in wild and stormy January, Horning calls on all of his detective skills to investigate the unlikely murder. As soon as he starts asking questions, Port Stirling begins to unveil its dark underbelly amid stunning revelations.

From the 300-foot bluffs ringing the white-sand pristine beach, to the posh golf resort at odds with the blue-collar town, Horning and his new team work at break-neck speed to uncover the facts. But will they find the killer before he – or she – strikes again? Will a psychopath ruin Matt Horning’s new life before he can even start it?

KAY JENNINGS was born in the southwest corner of Oregon in a small town not unlike her fictional Port Stirling, and she now lives in Portland, Oregon, with her husband, Steve, a technology entrepreneur.

Jennings has enjoyed a long career in corporate communications in such varied industries as tourism, healthcare, and sports. Since 2000, she has owned Paris Communications, a marketing, PR, and publishing firm. She is particularly proud of her writing and coaching role at, a sports website, where her focus was college and NFL football.

Like many Oregonians, Jennings is passionate about gardening, and earned Master Gardener status. A true plant nerd, she is obsessively zealous about growing vegetables, although with 39 mostly David Austin roses, one could also make the case that she is a tiny bit obsessed with roses, too.

She loves the outdoors, particularly in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, and is happiest hiking, playing golf, and enjoying the beaches, rivers, and lakes. A determined, avid traveler since her teens, Jennings has visited dozens of countries around the world.

Beyond the Ripples – Dede Montgomery

Join us for a reading from the latest by local author Dede Montgomery: Beyond the Ripples, a multigenerational mystery set in the Pacific Northwest.

Months after spying a bottle wedged into a fallen cottonwood snag in the Columbia River, Ernest pulls it from the river. The bottle’s note connects Ernest, an old man living in a tiny Oregon town, to teenage Annie, and provokes a mysterious and sudden friendship between Ernest’s daughter Amelia with Sarah, the daughter of the most recent resident of the home Annie once occupied. The two middle-aged women are keen to learn more about Annie and her secret, and in the process, they’re forced to confront unfinished business with their mothers, intimate relationships, and regrets over life choices.

Dede Montgomery is a West Linn resident and a 6th generation Oregonian who presented My Music Man as a 2019 Oregon Capitol Foundation Speaker on Oregon’s 2019 birthday. She also blogs in “Musings on Life in Oregon.” Dede works at OHSU in workplace safety, health and well-being education and outreach. Learn more about her writing at her website.

Here is Where I Walk – Leslie Carol Roberts

Join us for a reading from a new eco-memoir by Leslie Carol Roberts, Here is Where I Walk: Episodes From a Life in the Forest.

Leslie Carol Roberts turns her daily walks in San Francisco’s Presidio into revelations of deeper meaning, reflecting on her travels as well as her home life as the single mother of two. In this finely crafted eco-memoir, each place provides Leslie with exactly the scaffolding needed to survive, with nature serving as the tonic. Here Is Where I Walk provides a vivid answer to how we can find our place, not only in nature but within ourselves and the world we walk.

Leslie Roberts, photo by Mara Holt Skov

Leslie Carol Roberts is the author of Here Is Where I Walk: Episodes from a Life in the Forest (Nevada, 2019) and The Entire Earth and Sky: Views on Antarctica (Nebraska 2008, 2012). She was the first Fulbright Fellow in the world in Antarctic Studies. Currently she is professor and chair of the MFA Writing Program at California College of the Arts.

Her work has appeared in Fast Company, Forbes FYI, Lear’s, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Christian Science Monitor, The Iowa Review, Fourth Genre and many other publications. Roberts is a journalist and has worked for newspapers in Florida, California, Thailand, and Australia. She received a Fulbright Fellowship to New Zealand, two NEA grants, and has a MFA from the University of Iowa.

Washington County – Arthur Sommers

Washington County, Oregon is a visual history of Washington County with over 200 black and white images. Each image has a brief, informative, and accurate caption of approximately 40-100 words. The book has 9 chapters and covers timeframe of 1840s through 1960s with emphasis on turn of the last century.

Arthur Sommers was born and raised in northern California, and earned a B.A. in History 1972 from San Francisco State College. Enlisted in Navy 1972-1976. Federal Government Civil Servant from 1978-1999. Many different jobs as civilian employee with the U.S. Air Force. Collects old photographs and uses them in visual histories of Placer County, California and now Washington County, Oregon. Living in Hillsboro, Oregon 2015-2019. Has also published three volumes of family history.

Chameleon – Tasche Laine

Recently divorced Tara Spencer is a devoted single mom to her eleven-year-old daughter and is still healing from her failed marriage of fourteen years. As she embarks on an exciting new career, the last thing she needs is a man in her life. Then she meets the alluring Dr. Geoffrey Jensen, a bedazzling psychotherapist who isn’t what he seems. Adept at manipulation, Geoffrey toys with Tara’s mind, compelling her to change for him. When she discovers his shocking secret, will she find the courage to get out in time or will it be too late?

Tasche Laine has worked as a journalist, newspaper columnist, teacher, and studio teacher to child actors in Hollywood. She has authored two novels: the 2018 International Book Award winner for Readers’ Favorite, CLOSURE: based on a true story, and its newly released sequel, CHAMELEON. She grew up in the small town of Sherwood, Oregon, then felt the need to explore the world. She has lived all over the U.S. but was inevitably drawn back to the beautiful Pacific Northwest. She now resides in Vancouver, Washington, where she’s attempting to help plan her daughter’s wedding from a thousand miles away. Thank goodness for FaceTime and free long distance!

As Directed – Kathleen Valenti

AS DIRECTED: In the shadow of a past fraught with danger and tainted by loss, former pharmaceutical researcher Maggie O’Malley is rebuilding her life, trading test tubes for pill bottles as she embarks on a new career at the corner drugstore. But as she spreads her wings, things begin to go terribly wrong. A customer falls ill in the store. Followed by another. And then more. The specter of poisoning arises, conjuring old grudges, past sins, buried secrets and new suspicions from which no one is immune. As Maggie and her best friend Constantine begin to investigate, they discover that some of the deadliest doses come from the most unexpected places.

Kathleen Valenti is the author of the Maggie O’Malley Mystery Series, which includes her Agatha- and Lefty-nominated debut novel, Protocol. When Kathleen isn’t writing page-turning mysteries that combine humor and suspense, she works as a nationally award-winning advertising copywriter. She lives in Oregon with her family where she pretends to enjoy running. Learn more at