Social Equity

Shop owner Elisa comes from many years of social justice work, so this is something that is really important to her. If she can’t be working in that capacity anymore, then at least she can get her shop working for it.

Check back to see our partners in community grow.

We care about books and literature, but we also care about social justice and the community. To that end, we will feature an organization each quarter to receive 1% of our profits (We’ll work up to 1% of sales.) For suggestions of organizations you want to see benefit, email In the meantime, check back soon to learn about our chosen organization. (Help us reach profitability so we can start donating to local organizations ASAP!)

We hope to contribute to the community not just by giving 1% back, but also by exemplifying the Portland “reduce, reuse, recycle, and replant” mentality. We sell used books in an environmentally friendly building on a street with many resale/repurpose shops and our kid’s bookmarks even can be planted to grow flowers!

We’re not at profitability yet, so we’re not able to do a cash donation every quarter like we hope to, but we are partnering with Randall Children’s Hospital – we have a rotating selection of books that you can purchase here (we drop off boxes as often as we can) to donate to children in the beds at Randall. They don’t go to the waiting area, they go directly to the hands of kids or their grownups. Healing through books! Come on by and add a donation book to your purchase today!