Paris for Two – Dolores Maggiore

Join us for a reading from Paris for Two: Til Death We Do Part, the latest installment in Dolores Maggiore’s series about two young lesbians finding their way in the world.

As eighteen-year olds Pina and Katie speed ahead toward graduation from Albert Academy and the natural evolution of their relationship, Pina flees to Paris to escape the demands of moving on with her life and possibly away from Katie.

Pina’s burning desire to hang on to Katie and the status quo traps her in the past along with Europe’s seductive antiquities. Does she imagine the haunting return of Craney and her death threats? How toxic is her anxiety over getting on with her life?

Katie and old friends from Albert Academy, along with a cadre of quirky spiritual guides, join Pina on this psychologically thrilling voyage for answers throughout France, Germany, and Italy. Foremost on Pina’s mind: Will her relationship with Katie survive her great escape? More importantly for all, will the eerie lure of Craney and the past swallow Pina up psychologically—or in her entirety?

Author of the Rainbow Award Winner Death and Love at the Old Summer Camp, and sequel Love and Lechery at Albert Academy, and now Paris for Two, Dolores Maggiore weaves traces of her Brooklyn Sicilian heritage into her work. After teaching foreign languages, and selling antiques, Dolores practiced psychotherapy and published books on lesbians, psychotherapy, and child custody. She contributes to The Borrego Sun, SW Community Connection, The Gorge Literary Journal, The San Francisco Bay Times, and Dolores enjoys hiking and gardening, and instagramming in Oregon and Borrego Springs, CA with her wife Terrie and Xander, the lynx point critic.

The Dim Continent – Jo Sparkes

Marra travels to the heart of a fabled Continent – and the center of a fight she doesn’t know exists, among men she thinks an ocean away.

The Agben School taught the art of using herbs to heal or enhance. Yet Marra saw one woman’s brews detect a passing prince and cloak a creature’s true appearance. A forbidden discipline – and being wielded against Tryst’s throne.

The key ingredient grows only on the Dim Continent.

Journeying with her mentor to this fabled place, she stumbles on another secret. The Women of Agben include Terrin females – the same hairy creatures that kidnapped a king. Now the trust that bound the two species together is rapidly corroding.

Marra doesn’t know Prince Tryst has also pursued the traitors to this wild, dangerous land. Or that Drail travels with him, to provide gamesmen cover.

In a land of strange beings and dangerous animals, Marra, Tryst, and Drail must again pool their skills, this time not just to save themselves – but to save all their people. The fate of Skullan and Trumen alike depends on defeating a powerful enemy who has plotted their destruction for centuries.

The final battle looms in the evil heart of power – the Dim Continent.

Renouncing life in the corporate world, Jo Sparkes studied screenwriting with Robert Powell, student of renowned teachers Lew Hunter and Richard Walter, head and heart of UCLA’s Screenwriting Program. Her body of work includes scripts for Children’s live-action and animated television programs, a direct to video Children’s DVD, commercial work for corporate clients, and a feature writer on

Called the Arizona Sports Fans Network’s most popular writer, she garnered renown for her humorous articles, player interviews and game coverage. Jo was unofficially the first to interview Emmitt Smith when he arrived in Arizona to play for the Cardinals.

She has served as an adjunct teacher at the Film School at Scottsdale Community College, and even made a video of her most beloved lecture. Her book for writers and artists, “Feedback How to Give It How to Get It” was born to help her students — and indeed, all artists.

She’s won a Kay Snow award for best screenplay, and a Silver IPPY and two B.R.A.G. Medallions for her fantasy series, The Legend of the Gamesmen. Her dog, Oscar, has chewed two of the four so far.

Local Author Marla Bowie

Join us for the launch of I am Evan, a young adult novel from Portland author Marla Bowie. Evan is a survivor. Foster care, bullying, an abusive parent–Evan’s faced it all. But choosing between his autistic sister and his life’s passion is Evan’s biggest challenge ever.

Marla Bowie writes books about teens. Her nine years’ experience in Child Protective Services has given Marla a deep understanding of how amazing, inspiring, and resilient children and teens are. Nothing has influenced her writing, or her life more, except maybe her own children. She is the mother of a comedian, a future respiratory therapist, and a soldier. When not writing, Marla enjoys spending time with her grandchildren, doing all things artistic, and traveling.

Local Author Dolores Maggiore

Join us in celebrating the launch of Death and Love at the Old Summer Camp, a YA queer mystery by local author Dolores Maggiore. She’ll read, answer questions, and sign books. Plus, it’s a launch, so there will be bubbly!