Timberline Review Group Reading

The newest edition of Willamette Writer’s The Timberline Review is out! We’re going to hear a sampling from some of the authors featured in this beautiful anthology. We’ll have readings from Nancy Townsley, Bruce Barrow, Paul Curley, Patricia Kullberg, George Perreault, and Tuula Rebhahn.

Timberline Review Group Reading

It might be April Fool’s Day, but we aren’t fooling: Our local Willamette Writers have released another edition of The Timberline Review and we’re so excited to host a few of the authors featured in it. Cover artist John Fisher will be joining us, along with authors Evan Morgan Williams, Samuel Snoek-Brown, Richard Porus, Barbara Freeman, Lois Rosen, and Devon Balwit. You’d be a fool to miss this one!

Group Event with the Timberline Review

We’ll be hearing from a handful of the authors in the most recent publication of the Timberline Review. Join us for an afternoon of poetry (with Brittney Corrigan, Penelope Scambly Schott, and Jeanne Krinsley) and prose, snacks and wine!


Timberline Review Authors and Artist

Authors from the fall edition of The Timberline Review will be joining us to read their selections. We’ll hear from Evan Morgan Williams, Steve Theme, Christa Kaalnoa, Rick George, Beth Bonness, and Sherri Levine. The cover artist, Kevin Clark, will be here to share some of his art with us as well. An afternoon of art and reading, plus drinks and snacks, and the last reading for this edition of The Timberline Review.