Strong Female Characters

It’s our second in our new series addressing issues relevant to women readers, writers, and characters. This time we’ll be talking with Margaret Malone (People Like You), Liz Prato (Baby’s On Fire), and Monica Drake (The Folly of Loving Life), all short story writers, about writing and reading “unlikeable” female characters. What does it mean when a reader calls a character unlikeable? What can we learn from characters we can’t (or don’t want to) relate to? Why are so many female characters deemed unlikeable, compared to male characters?





Strong Female Characters is an ongoing series where we will highlight the issues facing women writers and women characters. We will host 3-4 local female authors every quarter (approximately) and have a discussion that will focus on one or more of these issues, and let the discussion organically flow from there. Thanks to Soapstone for supporting this series!