Laura Read, Dresses from the Old Country

Join us in welcoming Laura Read, who will share her new poetry collection, Dresses from the Old Country.

Dresses from the Old Country jumps back and forth in time to illuminate the identities of a life in progress: lost child, lonely adolescent, teacher, daughter, friend, wife, mother—a woman continuously shaped and reshaped by memory and experience. With an eye on gender issues, Read looks back at her childhood in the ’70s and ’80s as she observes how popular culture is shaping her sons’ lives today.

“Laura Read is one of the great love poets of our age – her love is wide and searching, generous and demanding. She offers the fullness, complexity, and yearning of a daughter’s, wife’s, mother’s, and lover’s feelings. Fully human and deeply nuanced, Read’s poems propose a vision of love that is generous, abundant, and self-sacrificing, but also these speakers will be damned if a woman offering so much of herself will be ignored or erased. This is a beautiful collection that envisions the end of muses and imagines what reciprocal and empowered devotion might make possible.” —Kathryn Nuernberger

Laura Read’s chapbook The Chewbacca on Hollywood Boulevard Reminds Me of You won the Floating Bridge Chapbook Award in 2010, and her first full-length collection, Instructions for My Mother’s Funeral, was chosen as the winner of the AWP/Donald Hall Prize for Poetry by Dorianne Laux in 2011 and published in 2012 by the University of Pittsburgh Press. Her second collection, Dresses from the Old Country, will be published by BOA in October of 2018. Her individual poems have received awards from The Florida Review, Dogwood, and Crab Creek Review and have been published in many different journals, including most recently, Radar, Beloit Poetry Journal, Blood Orange Review, and The New York Times Magazine. She teaches English Composition, Literature, and Creative Writing at Spokane Falls Community College and serves as the poetry editor for Crab Creek Review.

Aileen Keown Vaux, Consolation Prize

Join us in welcoming Aileen Keown Vaux for a reading from her poetry collection, Consolation Prize.

Regional, humorous, and wise, the poems in Aileen Keown Vaux’s Consolation Prize bloom from Central Washington State Fair themes. “Find Your Happy!” transforms into a meditation on joy’s ephemerality; “Celebrate What’s Great!” examines both the wonder and despair of our observational faculties. The first chapbook published in Scablands Books’ Channeled Chapbook series, Consolation Prize promises to be a quintessential Inland Northwest read, as quirky and bright as the Yakima fair that frames it.

Aileen Keown Vaux is the author of the Consolation Prize (Scablands Books 2018) who earned her MFA from Eastern Washington University. Currently, she lives in Spokane where she works as a Career Adviser for the College of Arts, Letters, and Education at Eastern Washington University. She writes poetry and non-fiction.

Katie Guinn, The Stoner Babes Coloring Book

Bring your favorite art medium and join us for a night of coloring and feminist empowerment with Katie Guinn and The Stoner Babes Coloring Book.

This meditative, art-filled adult coloring book is inspired by the beauty of women and gender fluid people who savor the qualities of the cannabis plant. They are empowered, intelligent, motivated humans who pay no mind to judgment, for they’re making their mark in this world no matter their color, shape, size, age, or gender. You’ll enjoy coloring these highly detailed and varied pages, with tattoos, patterned garb, shape-filled backgrounds, marijuana bouquets, and gorgeous faces. While you color, partake in the transcendental qualities of weed and contemplate what empowerment means to you.

Contains over 60 babes on single-sided and perforated pages that you can tear out and share.

Katie Guinn is a Portland-born artist, designer, writer, and mother who spent her adolescence in the beautiful Columbia River Gorge. Katie is inspired by her home in the Pacific Northwest, literature, music, art history, and the beautiful radiance of the empowered female being.

Mystery Book Group – Feb

This month we’re reading – and will be visiting with! – local author Kathleen Concannon’s A Deadly Bluff. This is a national park mystery, and it’s a  perfect time for visiting the outdoors in our books while it’s rainy and chilly in real life. (We meet on the third Tuesday of every month to discuss Mystery/Thrillers and every 3 or 4 months read a local author’s book and have them join the discussion.)

Local Author Gregg Coodley

Join us for a reading from The Magnificent Losers by local author Gregg Coodley!

The Magnificent Losers tells the stories of twenty of history’s greatest reformers and fighters for freedom from injustice, who were seemingly unsuccessful in their battle to improve the world. Yet perhaps they did not lose after all, for the ideas they fought for lived on. The stories sweep over two thousand years of history, from the Roman Republic to the 20th century, and across the globe from the Russian steppes to the jungles of Peru and from the streets of Boston to the mountains of the Philippines. Despite their apparent defeat, these heroes and heroines helped create a better world.

Gregg Coodley graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Economics before attending the University of California School of Medicine. He has been a practicing primary care physician in Portland for 27 years. He helped found and manages the Fanno Creek Clinic in SW Portland, where he continues his internal medicine practice.