Local Author Jason Brick

Local author Jason Brick will be reading from his book, Wrestling Demons.

Varsity wrestler Connor Morgan and his mother moved to Portland, Oregon to get away from his drug-addicted father, but they didn’t move away from trouble. At his new high school, three heavyweight wrestlers chase him through the halls. He runs away, in his underwear, past the girl he likes, into the January cold.
Then something weird happens.
The next thing Connor knows, he is fighting for his life against supernatural evil with the help of new friends as he learns the powers and dangers of his new destiny. The stakes rise as he discovers a powerful enemy bent on destroying more than just his high school. Ultimately, he must embrace his role in an ancient fight if he wants to save the day.
And he still has to get good grades and a date for the prom.

With this reading you’ll be supporting a local author, local bookshop, and a local publisher (Not a Pipe)!

Book Launch – Local Author Margaret Pinard

Join us in celebrating the launch of The Grasping Root, book two in the Remnants series by Margaret Pinard! The series, set in 19th century Scotland, follows the McLean family through war, peace, and the uncertainty of an industrialized future. The launch will include door prizes, gift cards, alcohol, and a smashing good time!

Local Author Mollie Hunt

Get a cozy mystery just in time for winter! Join us in celebrating the launch of Cat Call, the fourth book in local author Mollie Hunt’s Crazy Cat Lady mystery series. There will be a reading, Q&A, and book signing–plus cat-print cupcakes.

Local Authors Debby Dodds and Linda Atwell

We will hear from both Debby Dodds (Amish Guys Don’t Call) and Linda Atwell (Loving Lindsey). They’ll each read a bit from their newly released books, and then we’ll have a discussion about mother/daughter relationships, so bring your angst!

Local Author C.M. Spivey

Join us in celebrating the launch of C.M. Spivey’s new paranormal mystery, The Longing and the Lack. Food and drink will be provided, and there will be door prizes and Tarot readings.

Local Authors Rabbi Eve Posen and Lois Shenker

Join us for a reading from and discussion with authors Rabbi Eve Posen and Lois Shenker. Their book, Pirkei Imahot: The Wisdom of Mothers, The Voices of Wisdom, is about giving Jewish women a voice in the Jewish tradition, and applies a modern lens to extract meaning and lessons for our world today. It’s the perfect way to prepare yourself for the High Holidays this year.

Local Author Elizabeth Fournier

Join us in welcoming Elizabeth Fournier, also known as the Green Reaper–an undertaker from Boring, Oregon, who has made eco-friendly burials her life. We’ll hear her read from her book, and have a discussion and book signing afterwards.

Local Author Kelley Baker

Join us in welcoming local author Kelley Baker for a reading from his new book, Road Dog. Kelley and his chocolate lab, Moses, take us all over the country in a minivan in this road trip memoir.

Local Author D.L. Edison

Join us for a reading by D.L. Edison, author of, most recently, American Super Junkie. He’ll read, stay for questions and mingling.