Local Author Jeff Stookey

Join us for a reading from Chicago Blues by Jeff Stookey, the second book in his Medicine for the Blues trilogy.

Jimmy Harper arrives in Chicago with the Diggs Monroe Jazz Orchestra, seeking fame and fortune. Instead he descends into the jazz underworld where he becomes entangled in dark dealings with a sinister mob boss and in an erotic affair with a black drag performer. In this unfamiliar world, Jimmy begins to question whether he can trust anyone, even his old band members.

The trilogy Medicine for the Blues explores the complexities of gender and sexuality through the historical lens of the early 1920s. Chicago Blues follows Book 1 Acquaintance. Still to come, Book 3 Dangerous Medicine.

“Before opening my drag cabaret in the late 1960s, I owned Portland’s first espresso café. After hours, patrons would fill the basement for a late night jazz experience. If only I had thought to introduce a drag queen jazz singer… Jeff Stookey’s Chicago Blues hits all the right notes!”
—Darcelle XV, Guinness World Record’s “Oldest Working Drag Queen.”

“Eric/Erica’s thoughtful and sensual guidance of Jimmy through the multi-colored experience of underground drag culture left me feeling like Dorothy in Oz. Chicago Blues is accompanied by a melodic score you can feel, at once encouraging and also a bit sad…a finely woven tale of self-discovery and acceptance.”
—Poison Waters/Kevin Cook, Drag Queen Extraordinaire

“Chicago Blues pitches young musician Jimmy Harper from Oregon into the dizzying, dazzling world of brothels and booze, of mobsters, speakeasies, and female impersonators. Stookey tells the story at a jazzy, propulsive pace, capturing the vibrance and danger of Chicago in the 1920s.”
—Alan Rose, host of KLTV’s Book Chat and author of The Unforgiven.

Exploring the lives of gay men in early 20th Century Portland, Jeff Stookey had to see with eyes that were not familiar with a post-Stonewall world. His fictional characters were figuring out homosexuality, just as he had to as a young person, growing up in a small town in rural Washington State. After high school, Jeff went to Occidental College, where he studied literature, history, and cinema. Later he earned a BFA in Theater from Fort Wright College.

In 1991 he retrained in the medical field and worked with pathologists, trauma surgeons, and emergency room reports. This medical background led to the creation of Carl Holman MD. Then a deep dive into gay history and Oregon’s past shaped much of the rest of his Medicine for the Blues trilogy. A novel writing class at The Attic Institute and a year with a creative writing group helped him bring this story out of the closet.

Jeff has lived in Portland, for many years with his longtime partner, Ken, and their unruly garden. Acquaintance and Chicago Blues are his first two novels. Dangerous Medicine, the third part of the trilogy, will come out in November 2018.

Local Author Randolph Splitter

Join us in welcoming Randolph Splitter for a reading from his book, The Ramadan Drummer.

Shots ring out, and a child is gravely wounded. After a sexual encounter, the daughter of a prominent Muslim family disappears… In this timely novel about clashing values in a multicultural world, the protagonists learn that they must chart their own paths toward spiritual meaning and personal connection.

Randolph Splitter graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Hamilton College; earned a Ph.D. in English from the University of California, Berkeley; taught literature, creative writing, and composition for many years at Caltech and De Anza College; and edited the national literary magazine Red Wheelbarrow for ten of those years.

Besides The Ramadan Drummer, he has published a novella/story collection called Body and Soul (Creative Arts) and a study of Marcel Proust from Routledge & Kegan Paul. He’s published over a dozen stories, including three adapted from The Ramadan Drummer. He’s also written prize-winning screenplays and made short films.

His parents fled Vienna when the Nazis took over. Growing up on the East Coast, he has spent the rest of his life on the West. With two daughters and three grandkids, he currently lives with his wife in sometimes sunny Portland, Oregon.

Local Author Elizabeth Fournier

Join us for the launch of the newest book from Elizabeth Fournier, The Green Burial Guidebook. Fournier will explain what green burial is, what it looks and feels like, and why you’re hearing more and more about it.

Local Author Marla Bowie

Join us for the launch of I am Evan, a young adult novel from Portland author Marla Bowie. Evan is a survivor. Foster care, bullying, an abusive parent–Evan’s faced it all. But choosing between his autistic sister and his life’s passion is Evan’s biggest challenge ever.

Marla Bowie writes books about teens. Her nine years’ experience in Child Protective Services has given Marla a deep understanding of how amazing, inspiring, and resilient children and teens are. Nothing has influenced her writing, or her life more, except maybe her own children. She is the mother of a comedian, a future respiratory therapist, and a soldier. When not writing, Marla enjoys spending time with her grandchildren, doing all things artistic, and traveling.

Poetry Night with Julene T Weaver, Penelope Scambly Schott, and Christopher Luna

It’s National Poetry Month! Join us for a poetry night with local poets Julene T. Weaver (Truth Be Bold: Serenading Life & Death in the Age of AIDS), Penelope Scambly Schott (House of the Cadramom Seed), and Christopher Luna (Ghost Town Poetry), for a mixture of new and older poems, and a mixture of styles and themes. This will be a night to remember!

Local Author William L. Alton

Join us for a reading from A Change in the Wind, a new historical fiction novel from William L. Alton.

The Holy Roman Empire has crumbled, but upon its bones Napoleon is building another. But the darkness is deeper than wars and politics, as a new spiritual battle is spreading across the Germanies. The wind is changing, as names of old gods are spoken again, and a secret evil mentioned only in legend is arising, leaving the defense of the world to a handful of simple but brave souls.

Set in Central Europe at the beginning of the 19th century, A Change in the Wind chronicles the spreading darkness and the deeds of those simple people caught in the grip of a fight they cannot win, and often cannot even fathom.

William L. Alton was born November 5, 1969 and started writing in the Eighties while incarcerated in a psychiatric prison. Since then his work has appeared in Main Channel VoicesWorld Audience and Breadcrumb Scabs among others. In 2010, he was nominated for a Pushcart Prize. He has published several books. One collection of flash fiction, Girls, two collections of poetry titled Heroes of Silence and Heat Washes Through, a memoir titled My Name is Bill and a novel that came out in 2015 titled Flesh and Bone. He earned both his BA and MFA in Creative Writing from Pacific University in Forest Grove, Oregon.

Local Author Patsy Hand


Join us for a reading from Lost Dogs of Rome by Patsy Hand.

International art courier Francesca Baltimore is beaten and robbed of a case holding Victorian jewelry in Heathrow. As she heals, she is desperate to regain the trust of her old clients, when she is offered a job with more dangerous ramifications than any she has ever attempted: She has five days to rescue an idealistic boy who fled to Rome and is trapped in a battle between a radical animal rights group and a brutal Italian businessman with a history of illegal activity. The 15-year-old boy is her grandson, Will, who doesn’t know she exists. For the first time, Francesca has no confidence in her ability, particularly when lives are at stake. The rescue becomes complicated by her son’s anger and her encounter with a wayward priest fighting his own struggle for retribution. She soon discovers that Will, somewhat like her younger self, has no intention of leaving before the fight begins.

Local Author Deni Starr

Join us for the launch of Sucker Punched, the newest Boxer Mystery from Deni Starr.

Cindy investigates what appears to be an open and shut case of a violent husband killing his wife, but odd facts point to the client being framed. Since the client is a retired professional boxer, Sean looks into his past to see if there is any motive.

Local Author Nathaniel Barber

Join us for a reading of Luck Favors the Prepared, a collection of short personal stories and essays from Nathaniel Barber.

“In his first collection of short stories, Nathaniel Barber allows a peek inside the life observant. Luck Favors the Prepared is a straightforward read, shifting from remote and comic documentary to lived-in memoir, dreamily recalling the absurd choreography of divorce, landlordship, role playing video games, misguided activism, customer service and sudden, unexpected wardrobe failures.”

Local Author Jason Brick

Local author Jason Brick will be reading from his book, Wrestling Demons.

Varsity wrestler Connor Morgan and his mother moved to Portland, Oregon to get away from his drug-addicted father, but they didn’t move away from trouble. At his new high school, three heavyweight wrestlers chase him through the halls. He runs away, in his underwear, past the girl he likes, into the January cold.
Then something weird happens.
The next thing Connor knows, he is fighting for his life against supernatural evil with the help of new friends as he learns the powers and dangers of his new destiny. The stakes rise as he discovers a powerful enemy bent on destroying more than just his high school. Ultimately, he must embrace his role in an ancient fight if he wants to save the day.
And he still has to get good grades and a date for the prom.

With this reading you’ll be supporting a local author, local bookshop, and a local publisher (Not a Pipe)!