Storm Wrack & Spindrift Book Launch with Margaret Pinard

Possibly our last event for 2019 features one of our very own booksellers, Margaret Pinard!
She is launching her fifth historical novel, Storm Wrack & Spindrift, which concludes the three-book Remnants series:
The MacLeans have suffered being thrown off their land, emigrating to the New World, surviving in the forest wilderness, and losing their father Gillan in a bizarre murder. Now, ten years later, the two youngest emigrants split the family across an ocean: Sheena and her husband Gordon Lamont pursue a future back in Scotland while Alisdair dreams of university and a chance to reform the political system.
But the British Empire of the 1830s has yet more surprises. When the only school in the province only accepts Anglican students, what will Alisdair do? When Sheena finds herself in a role of authority over families like her own, how will she cope? And when both their hopes of peace and stability are dealt a telling blow, how will they stay true to their fighting spirit?
Margaret is a soul from the 19th century who finds it easiest to disguise herself by drinking tea, writing historical fiction, and popping off to the British Isles for ‘research.’ Her favorite books transport the reader to a different time and place, while poking at the unconscious assumptions one holds about one’s place in the world.

Local Author William L. Alton

Join us for a reading from A Change in the Wind, a new historical fiction novel from William L. Alton.

The Holy Roman Empire has crumbled, but upon its bones Napoleon is building another. But the darkness is deeper than wars and politics, as a new spiritual battle is spreading across the Germanies. The wind is changing, as names of old gods are spoken again, and a secret evil mentioned only in legend is arising, leaving the defense of the world to a handful of simple but brave souls.

Set in Central Europe at the beginning of the 19th century, A Change in the Wind chronicles the spreading darkness and the deeds of those simple people caught in the grip of a fight they cannot win, and often cannot even fathom.

William L. Alton was born November 5, 1969 and started writing in the Eighties while incarcerated in a psychiatric prison. Since then his work has appeared in Main Channel VoicesWorld Audience and Breadcrumb Scabs among others. In 2010, he was nominated for a Pushcart Prize. He has published several books. One collection of flash fiction, Girls, two collections of poetry titled Heroes of Silence and Heat Washes Through, a memoir titled My Name is Bill and a novel that came out in 2015 titled Flesh and Bone. He earned both his BA and MFA in Creative Writing from Pacific University in Forest Grove, Oregon.

Author Leonide Martin

Join us for the launch of The Mayan Red Queen: Tz’aakb’u Ahau of Palenque, book three in the Mists of Palenque series by Leonide Martin.

A shy Mayan girl transforms into a powerful queen with an immense role in her people’s destiny. The Mayan Red Queen is “beautifully written . . . plot very unique” (Writer’s Digest) and a touching love story as she wins the greatest ruler’s heart and together they restore the portal to the Gods, bringing the city to heights of power and grandeur.

Author Barbara Ridley

Author Barbara Ridley will be sharing her book of historical fiction, When It’s Over, with us. While taking place in Europe in the 1930’s, the topic is current today. “Coming of age in Prague in the 1930’s, Lena Kulkova is inspired by the left-wing activists who resist the rise of fascism.” Come to discuss, and to be read to.

Local Author Panel with Erica Satifka, Jeannie Burt, Mandy Smith, and Patricia Kullberg

This group is a genre mashup! Join us for 4 different authors, in 4 different genres, for an afternoon of good writing. We’ll hear from Erica Satifka (Stay Crazy, science fiction), Jeannie Burt (When Patty Went Away, literary fiction), Mandy Smith (Secrets in Big Sky Country, memoir), and Patricia Kullberg (Girl in the River, historical fiction). It’s a fun way to experience local authors writing across genres, and a fun way to spend part of your afternoon.

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Fictitious History with Local Authors Maryka Biaggio, Chris Gniewosz, BJ Scott, Lori Lake, and Lars Hedbor

What do you call a group of historical fiction authors? Come hear our … cadre … of authors all read from their books, answer questions (historical and otherwise), and have your books signed. Our authors cover a wide range of time and place. We’ve got Maryka Biaggio (Parlor Games), Chris Gniewosz (Honor: The Crowning of the Girl King and Loyalty: Reign of the Girl King), BJ Scott (The Rail Queen), Lori Lake (Snow Moon Rising), and Lars Hedbor (Tales From a Revolution series).

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