Halloween Campfire Tales with Local Author Cait Spivey

It’s Halloween and we’ve got scary stories around a “campfire” in our loft with local author Cait Spivey! She writes paranormal stories and there are spiders, so she was an obvious choice for this special event. She will be sharing totally new short stories that feature characters from her published stories around a “campfire” in our loft. They will be scary. Or at least shivery. And there is candy. Costumes welcome. What better way to get your Halloween started?


Spooky Mystery Panel With Local Authors Cindy Brown, Christine Finlayson, Jeanette Hubbard, Jean Sheldon, and Christina Weaver

It’s Halloween month, so we’ve got a panel of local authors who write mysteries for you! We’re going to hear from Cindy Brown, whose new book The Sound of Murder will just be out, and from Christine Finlayson (Tip of a Bone), Jean Sheldon (Puzzled By the Clues), Jeanette Hubbard (Secrets Lies and Champagne Highs), and Christina Weaver (The Vanishing of Katherine Sullivan). Each author will share some of her book, and we’ll have time for a Q&A and signing/mingling afterwards. Help keep Portland’s writing scene spooky!