Beyond the Ripples – Dede Montgomery

Join us for a reading from the latest by local author Dede Montgomery: Beyond the Ripples, a multigenerational mystery set in the Pacific Northwest.

Months after spying a bottle wedged into a fallen cottonwood snag in the Columbia River, Ernest pulls it from the river. The bottle’s note connects Ernest, an old man living in a tiny Oregon town, to teenage Annie, and provokes a mysterious and sudden friendship between Ernest’s daughter Amelia with Sarah, the daughter of the most recent resident of the home Annie once occupied. The two middle-aged women are keen to learn more about Annie and her secret, and in the process, they’re forced to confront unfinished business with their mothers, intimate relationships, and regrets over life choices.

Dede Montgomery is a West Linn resident and a 6th generation Oregonian who presented My Music Man as a 2019 Oregon Capitol Foundation Speaker on Oregon’s 2019 birthday. She also blogs in “Musings on Life in Oregon.” Dede works at OHSU in workplace safety, health and well-being education and outreach. Learn more about her writing at her website.

Local Author Dede Montgomery

Dede Montgomery returns to Mississippi Ave (many years ago she used to work at the corner of Skidmore and Miss Ave, just a block and a half north of us) to talk about her memoir My Music ManMy Music Man illustrates the power of storytelling through narratives of seven generations of family living near Oregon’s Willamette River. As she moves through grief to accept the death of her father, stories shed light on change, acceptance, and forgiveness among people and the land around them. Historical family characters include early Oregon Territory residents Chloe Clarke & William Willson, book seller J.K. Gill and his steamboat engineer brother Sam Gill, and author Richard G. Montgomery, Sr. The book settings include Nisqually, Willamette Falls, Wilsonville, West Linn, Salem, Champoeg, Portland, LaGrande, and the Long Beach Peninsula. During her reading, Dede will share images from the book that reflect her memoir’s narrative.