Strong Female Characters

It’s the third in our series addressing issues relevant to women readers, writers, and characters. This time we’ll be talking with Suzy Vitello (The Empress Chronicles), Joanna Rose (Little Miss Strange), and Chelsea Cain (Mockingbird), about writing and reading heroines. What makes a heroine? Do they have to battle their own demons or save the world? Do they have to be likable or relatable or is it enough for them to be intelligent and kick-ass? What do you want to see more of in the heroines you read?

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Strong Female Characters is an ongoing series where we will highlight the issues facing women writers and women characters. We will host 3-4 local female authors every quarter (approximately) and have a discussion that will focus on one or more of these issues, and let the discussion organically flow from there.

Mystery Book Group – March

This month we’re back to our regular schedule, and will be meeting to discuss Chelsea Cain’s The Night Season. This is technically the 4th book in the Archie and Gretchen series, but also stands alone as it doesn’t feature many of the regular characters. Join us and let you know what you think. (We meet the third Tuesday of each month to talk about mystery/thrillers.)


Mystery Book Group – July

This month we’ll be discussing local author Chelsea Cain’s newest series, book one: One Kick. It’s a thriller, so come and tell us where your heart was racing or which parts made you stay up later.