AWP Offsite Event: The Portland Experience

AWP Offsite events are free and open to the public. This one combines all the things that make Portland Portland – books, tea, wine, and kombucha!

From the AWP Website: Portland is known for books, tea, wine, and kombucha. We’ll have all four! Browse books in a PDX bookstore, while sampling free tastes of local tea (Townshend’s), wine (Rex Hill Winery), and kombucha (Brew Dr.). All makers will be on hand to talk about their product, share samples, and facilitate purchase if desired—all while spending time in a cozy and very Portland bookstore.

AWP Offsite event with Catamaran Contributors

AWP Offsite events are free and open to the public. Join us in welcoming contributors from Catamaran’s most recent magazine publication, featuring Jacqueline Doyle, Steve Gutierrez, Syed Afzal Haider, Zack Rogow, Paul Skenazy, Woody Skinner
and Mark Allen Cunningham.

AWP Offsite event with Armenian-American Poets

AWP offsite events are free and open to the public, so join us in welcoming this group of Armenian-American poets to Portland!

Arminé Iknadossian’s debut poetry collection, All That Wasted Fruit, addresses the sacred feminine. Cofounder of Outside the Lines: A Creative Collaborative for Women, Arminé also leads Poetry in the Labyrinth at The Last Bookstore in Los Angeles and performs her poems for The Poetry Brothel.

Nancy Agabian is the author of Princess Freak, a poetry/performance collection, and Me as her again: True Stories of an Armenian Daughter, a memoir. Her novel, The Fear of Large and Small Nations, was a finalist for the PEN/Bellwether Prize for Socially-Engaged Fiction. She teaches writing at NYU.

Lory Bedikian’s The Book of Lamenting won the Philip Levine Prize for Poetry. She has an MFA from the University of Oregon. Her work was a finalist for the Crab Orchard Series in Poetry and for the AROHO’s Orlando Prize. She received a grant from the Money for Women/Barbara Deming Memorial fund.

Shahé Mankerian’s poetry collection, History of Forgetfulness, has been a finalist for the Bibby First Book Award, the Crab Orchard Series, the Quercus Award, and the White Pine Press Competition. He is the co-director of the L.A. Writing Project and the principal of St. Gregory Hovsepian School.

Lola Koundakjian has authored two poetry books and read in four international poetry festivals in Quebec, Peru, Colombia and West Bank. She co-curates the Zohrab Center’s poetry reading series in midtown Manhattan, and runs the Armenian Poetry Project in multiple languages and audio.

Veronica Pamoukaghlian has written, edited, and translated a variety of literary works, including New York Times bestsellers. She has contributed to anthologies and print journals, and has her own book of poetry, The Beauty of Disaster.

AWP Offsite Reading with Ephraim Weisstein and Mark Schlack

AWP Offsite events are open to the public, so join the literary community in welcoming Ephraim Weisstein and Mark Schlack with their science fiction book Replay Earth.

Raefe and Lina are two twenty-somethings trying to start a life in the mid-21st century. He’s beset by crippling migraines, she’s trying to outpace the horrors of the genocide she escaped as a child. Their lives are upended by floods that turn 10 million people on the East Coast into refugees.

But all is not lost. Twenty light years away, a group of ancient and advanced alien civilizations known as the Guardians works to nudge intelligent life in the galaxy past the point of self-destruction that humans are teetering on. They realize that Raefe’s headaches stem from his particularly strong empathic nature, a clue that can be the key to human survival. They make contact with Raefe and begin to show him how to use those powers for good.

But all is not well among the aliens either. A rogue Guardian seizes control of the group, perverting its aims and sabotaging their mission on Earth.

What follows is a 30-year adventure in which Raefe and Lina ultimately lead a billion refugees around the world to gradually become a new kind of nation, with new kinds of economic and social relationships. Inside the Guardians, Diver and her allies lead a guerrilla campaign to restore the group to its mission and continue to mentor Earth. It all comes to a head in 2082 in an inspiring showdown that changes history forever.

AWP Offsite Event: Networking at AWP

Prepare yourself for the next few days with this event hosted by Willamette Writers and Wordcrafters in our loft.

Over 12,000 writers descend on Portland for the Association of Writers and Writing Programs Conference.

How can you find your tribe in this endless sea of people?

Join Willamette Writers Executive Director Kate Ristau, Community Outreach Coordinator Debby Dodds, and Wordcrafters Executive Director Daryll Lynne Evans as we discuss strategies for networking, chatting, and making the most of your time at AWP.

This event is free and open to the public. All are welcome to join us.

AWP Offsite Event: Small Presses Get BIG

Join us for reading, drinks, and conversation with small press authors Chelsea Biondolillo, Leland Cheuk, Leah Dieterich, Sanda de Helen, and Melissa Duclos. Brought to AWP by “Magnify: Small Presses, Bigger,” a monthly newsletter that celebrates small press books and the independent bookstores that sell them.

Chelsea Biondolillo is the author of The Skinned Bird, forthcoming from KERNPUNKT Press, and two prose chapbooks, Ologies and #Lovesong from Etchings Press. Her work has been collected in Best American Science and Nature 2016 and has been published widely online and in print. She is a Portland native with an MFA in English and Environmental studies from the University of Wyoming.

A MacDowell Colony and Hawthornden Castle Fellow, Leland Cheuk is the author of the story collection LETTERS FROM DINOSAURS (2016) and the novel THE MISADVENTURES OF SULLIVER PONG (2015), which was also published in translation in China (2018). His newest novel NO GOOD VERY BAD ASIAN is forthcoming from C&R Press in Fall 2019. He’s the founder of 7.13 Books and lives in Brooklyn.

Sandra de Helen’s essays and poetry appear in Artemis Journal, Dramatist, ROAR, The Medical Journal of Australia, The Dandelion Review, Lavender Review, Sweatpants & Coffee, Mom Egg, and other journals. Her full-length poetry collection Desire Returns for a Visit was published by Launch Point Press November 2018. She lives in California.

Leah Dieterich is the author of the memoir Vanishing Twins: A Marriage (Softskull, 2018). Her essays and short fiction have been published by Lenny Letter, LitHub, Buzzfeed, Bomb magazine, and more. She lives in Portland, Oregon, and Los Angeles, California with her husband and daughter.

Melissa Duclos is the author of the novel Besotted (7.13 Books, 2019). Her work has appeared in The Washington Post, Salon, and Bustle, among other venues. She is the founder of Magnify: Small Presses, Bigger, a monthly newsletter celebrating small press books. She has an MFA from Columbia University and lives in Portland, Oregon.