Three Ways to Disappear – Katy Yocom

Join us for a reading of Three Ways to Disappear, a debut novel by Katy Yocom.

Leaving behind a nomadic career as a journalist, Sarah DeVaughan returns to India, country of her childhood and of unspeakable family tragedy, to help preserve the endangered Bengal tigers. Meanwhile, at home in Kentucky, her sister, Quinn, fears that India will be Sarah’s undoing.

As Sarah’s new job is made complicated by complex local politics and a forbidden love, Quinn copes with their mother’s refusal to discuss the past, her son’s life-threatening illness, and her own increasingly troubled marriage. When Sarah asks Quinn to join her in India, Quinn realizes that the only way to overcome the past is to return to it, and it is in this place of stunning natural beauty and hidden danger that the sisters can finally understand the ways in which their family has disappeared—from their shared history, from one another—and risk everything to find themselves again.

With dramatic urgency, a powerful sense of place, and a beautifully rendered cast of characters, Katy Yocom has created an unforgettable novel about saving all that is precious, from endangered species to the indelible bonds among family.

Katy Yocom hails from Atchison, Kansas; lives in Louisville, Kentucky; and is published by an Oregon publisher. Her debut novel, Three Ways to Disappear, launched this summer from Ashland Creek Press after winning the Siskiyou Prize for New Environmental Literature. It has since been named a Barnes & Noble Top Indie Favorite.

In researching the novel, she traveled to Indian tiger reserves, funded by a grant from the Elizabeth George Foundation. Her writing has appeared in Newsweek, Salon, LitHub, American Way in-flight magazine, Necessary Fiction, and elsewhere. She holds an MFA in Writing from the low-residency program at Spalding University, where she now serves as associate director of the School of Creative and Professional Writing.

Final Flight Final Fight – Erin Miller

Join us to learn about the Women Airforce Service Pilots of WWII, Erin Miller’s grandmother Elaine Harmon, and the fight to honor her at Arlington National Cemetery, in Final Flight Final Fight.

When Arlington National Cemetery refused to accept her grandmother’s last request to be laid to rest there, Erin Miller refused to let her legacy as a veteran die along with her.

Her grandmother, Elaine Danforth Harmon, flew as a pilot with the Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP) of World War II. Despite being part of the first group of women to fly for the United States Army, the WASP remained officially unrecognized as members of the military due to discriminatory thinking about gender on Capitol Hill and beyond.

Miller led her family’s campaign on behalf of her grandmother, and all the women of the WASP, across social media, traditional news outlets, and to Capitol Hill to fight for their equal recognition at one of the nation’s most well-known cemeteries. Her grandmother’s final fight came after her final flight – but Miller was honored to follow in her footsteps to ensure her legacy would not be forgotten.

Erin Miller is the granddaughter of WASP WWII pilot Elaine Danforth Harmon. Erin has a J.D. from the University of Maryland School of Law, a Master’s in international studies from the University of Leeds (UK), and a B.A. in history from the University of California, San Diego. She is a licensed attorney in Maryland, where she lives with her two Shiba Inus.

Treasures – Bootsy Holler


Join us for a presentation of Bootsy Holler’s new book, Treasures – objects I’ve known all my life. The photographs in Treasures are of simple objects from Holler’s mother’s home. “My mother has always been very particular about how she likes her things – every item has its place, every task has its way of being done. Inevitably, these things and this way have become part of my life as well.” Holler is a contemporary photographer strongly influenced by stories of family, history and place.

Holler’s collection is a portrait not only of her mother, but also of their relationship. “It’s not that these things are her ‘Treasures’ per se, it’s that because she thought these things were so important to take care of, and there were so many rules around how these things were to be handled, they felt as if they were more important than me.”

Treasures is a humorous look at the objects people live with, that we build our lives around, that we give breath to, and how they eventually become part of our lives – and tell our stories.

Bootsy Holler is a contemporary photographer strongly influenced by stories of family, history and place.  Whether she’s reimagining the family photo album or bringing to life stories behind specific inanimate objects, Holler’s work is driven by the powerful connection between previously untold stories, and portrayed by previously unseen points of view. Much of Holler’s work is rooted in her growing up in a secretive government area near the Hanford Nuclear site, home of the plutonium bomb that was said to have ended WWII.  She now resides in Los Angeles, traveling to find inspiration and connections with people, environments , objects and the unspoken secrets we all keep.

Book Launch – The Other Side of Violet

Celebrate the publication of great weather for MEDIA’s latest anthology, The Other Side of Violet, with contributors and special gusts Sossity Chiricuzio, Brad Garber, Christopher Lunda, and Dan Raphael, hosted by the editor, Jane Ormerod.

The Other Side of Violet is an exhilarating collection of contemporary poetry and short fiction by established and emerging writers from across the United States and beyond. The anthology also contains interviews with Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Paul Harding and award-winning poet and novelist Tim Z. Hernandez.

Submissions for the next anthology run from October 15, 2017 to January 15, 2018. This is a terrific opportunity to meet friendly indie press editors looking for new voices.

Local Author Gregg Coodley

Join us for a reading from The Magnificent Losers by local author Gregg Coodley!

The Magnificent Losers tells the stories of twenty of history’s greatest reformers and fighters for freedom from injustice, who were seemingly unsuccessful in their battle to improve the world. Yet perhaps they did not lose after all, for the ideas they fought for lived on. The stories sweep over two thousand years of history, from the Roman Republic to the 20th century, and across the globe from the Russian steppes to the jungles of Peru and from the streets of Boston to the mountains of the Philippines. Despite their apparent defeat, these heroes and heroines helped create a better world.

Gregg Coodley graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Economics before attending the University of California School of Medicine. He has been a practicing primary care physician in Portland for 27 years. He helped found and manages the Fanno Creek Clinic in SW Portland, where he continues his internal medicine practice.

Parade of Authors Part Two

Join more than two dozen local authors in celebrating Another Read Through’s 5th birthday!

Authors will be reading in fifteen-minute slots all afternoon, from their own work (published, not published, and works-in-progress) and from their favorite reads.

San Diego Author Chad Stroup

A dangerous new designer drug that promises to fulfill every desire threatens to ignite the powder keg that is the community of club kids, neo-Nazis, drag queens, prostitutes and punks who populate the mean streets of Sweetville. But could an enigmatic back-alley surgeon and his partnership with a mysterious cult be the spark that lights the fuse? And how will their actions affect the life of a young woman named Trixie who is seeking salvation through transformation?

Author Chad Stroup is visiting from San Diego, and will be reading from his new book, Secrets of the Weird.

Parade of Authors

Join more than two dozen local authors in celebrating Another Read Through’s 5th birthday!

Authors will be reading in fifteen-minute slots all afternoon, from their own work (published, not published, and works-in-progress) and from their favorite reads.

Local Author D.L. Edison

Join us for a reading by D.L. Edison, author of, most recently, American Super Junkie. He’ll read, stay for questions and mingling.

Author Reading with David Hicks and Leni Zumas

Join us in readings and conversation with visiting author David Hicks (White Plains), and local author Leni Zumas (Red Clocks, January 2018). In White Plains, David Hicks turns a compassionate but unblinking eye on what it means to be human—to be lost while putting yourself back together again, to be cowardly while being brave, to fail and fail again on the way to something that might be success. Conversation led by Leni Zumas, who will maybe give us a sneak peek into Red Clocks?