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Inkwater Authors Night – David Prideaux, Janet Rucker-Smith, Lawrence E. Hussman

July 12, 2019 @ 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Join us for our monthly reading by three authors from Inkwater Press! This month we have David Prideaux, Janet Rucker-Smith, and Lawrence E. Hussman.

A new author has come up with a big idea that would replace the Big Bang theory. In No Big Bang: A Three-Part Look at a Bent Universe, writer David Prideaux explains his belief that astronomers and physicists have mistakenly assumed “expansion” explains the universe. He suggests that “gravity” is a better fit. It all goes back to evidence that is 100 years old — the Hubble “red shift.” The author sees the universe as “bent,” which follows Einstein’s idea (which has been proved) that starlight is bent by gravity.

Self-confrontation is the driving force of the spiritual journey. It is how we grow and evolve in ways that can dramatically and profoundly alter the trajectory of our lives. We must be relentless in our awareness of our reactions and our feelings because they clearly, honestly and perfectly let us know when we are disconnected from love, peace, compassion, and happiness – from the essence of All That Is, which is what we are. Janet Rucker-Smith’s Rantings of a Screaming Soul: Healing Through Purposely Random Self-Confrontation chronicles her unexpected inner pilgrimage through death, dark shadows, redemption, and rebirth. It is an ordinary woman’s extraordinarily raw and candid account of an emotional and spiritual awakening in the midst of teenagers, ex-husbands, death, bills, and loads and loads of laundry. One day she’s basking in the gloriously infinite and eternal bliss of divine love, and the next day she’s on her knees in the tormenting depths of hell begging to be released from the excruciating agony. Shall the truth set one free? Indeed it will, but only when we finally remember the most profound truth of all: We are not our problems or our hurts or even our successes. And although our experiences may shape and color the masks we wear, our eternal being is always and forever perfectly well.

In his biting memoir, Acanemia: A Memoir of Life in the Halls of the Higher Learning, Hussman skewers those responsible for the numerous problems that plague American higher education and price it beyond the means of many. He traces the development of these drawbacks using his exceptional experience as a member of the founding faculty at a public university established in the 1960s. Along the way, he weaves in personal details of his life inside and outside the classroom.

At age 11, Portlander David Prideaux got his first telescope. As a lifelong learner fascinated with the cosmos, he eventually came up with a bold new idea. He published it so he could share his passion about the origin of all things. Prideaux has a B.A. in Psychology from Oberlin College and a M.A. in Political Science from the University of Oregon.

Janet Rucker-Smith is the second of three daughters and was raised in Los Angeles. Both her mother and father were among the first generation of African Americans to graduate from college. After receiving her BA in English from UCLA, Janet forged her career in corporate training and development, highlighted by her creation and facilitation of career development workshops, guiding people through self-exploration and self-assessment.

Birthing three children in five years and then becoming a single mother while shouldering the majority of child-rearing and financial responsibilities, Janet jumped off the corporate fast-track and became a high school English teacher. The death of her father coupled with the sudden end of a significant relationship catapulted Janet into a tumultuous spiritual and emotional awakening, ultimately giving birth to her first book, Rantings of a Screaming Soul. Following an inner call, Janet resigned her teaching position and completed extensive training to become a certified professional coach where she helps people who are experiencing unprecedented life challenges/crises, who are tired of struggling, and who are ripe to upshift their life to the next level.

Lawrence E. Hussman has taught American literature at three universities in the US and at four in Europe as a Fulbright scholar and as a visiting professor. They include the University of Michigan, the University of Portland, Wright State University, the University of Warsaw, the Psychology Academy of Warsaw, Marie Curie University in Lublin, Poland, and the Open University in Lisbon. In addition to publishing three highly praised literary critical volumes and many journal articles on literature, film, and higher education, he has written two books for the counterterrorist and adventurer Sam Hall and has edited a memoir by Marguerite Tjader, one of Theodore Dreiser’s amanuenses.


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