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Top 10 Bestselling Local Author Books – March

April 8, 2016 // Bestselling Local Authors

We’re going to start something new here. I love our local authors and I love highlighting them. So a monthly feature that lets readers know which authors were the best sellers last month, and maybe give you an idea of local authors for you to check out. Authors who have events at the shop obviously have a leg up, so that will be asterisked/noted.

Bestselling Local Authors, March:

1. Joyce Cresswell (A Great Length of Time) *
2. Francesca Varela (Listen) *
3. Ursula K LeGuin (Sisters of the Revolution: A Feminist Speculative Fiction Anthology)
4. Margaret Malone (People Like You)
5. James Gillaspy (A Larger Universe)
6. Laura Stanfill (ed) (Brave on the Page)
7. Patricia Kullberg (Girl in the River) *
8. Ursula K LeGuin (A Wizard of Earthsea)
Ursula K LeGuin (Wild Girls)
10. Natalie Serber (Community Chest) *

*participated in a reading in the loft



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