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Top 10 Bestselling Local Author Books – Feb

March 30, 2017 // Bestselling Local Authors

Our local bestsellers are always a good place to start when looking for something to read and for ways to support your local community. Here are the bestsellers for February:

1. Jeanette Hubbard – Secrets, Lies and Champagne Highs *
2. Ruth Tenzer Feldman – Seven Stitches *
3. Tiffany Burba – Meet Me Where I Left You *
4. Lynn Knapp – Giving Ground *
5. Kate Carroll de Gutes – Objects in Mirror are Closer Than They Appear
6. CM Spivey – From Under the Mountain
7. Athena – Murder of Crows
8. Ursula LeGuin – The Dispossessed
    Gary CorbinMountain Man’s Dog *
Ruth Tenzer Feldman – The Ninth Day *
Ruth Tenzer Feldman – Blue Thread *

* denotes that the author was part of an event in the loft, which could have boosted their sales

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