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Top 10 Bestselling Local Author Books – August


Looking for some books to settle into autumn with? We’ve got you covered. Check out last month’s bestselling local authors and their titles. (Authors with an event in the loft marked with an asterisk, denoting the boost the events give.)

  1. Kate Ristau – Shadow Girl *
  2. Karelia Stetz-Waters – For Good *
  3. Margaret Malone – People Like You
  4. Nancy Slavin – Oregon Pacific *
  5. Kate Ristau – Comma *
  6. Robert Moss – Descending Memphis *
  7. Lidia Yuknavitch – The Small Backs of Children
  8. Elly Blue – Pedal Zombies
  9. Shawn Granton – The Zinester’s Guide to PDX
  10. Karelia Stetz-Waters – Something True *

Lots of great ideas here to keep you reading through the fall! Come check out our local bestsellers and support a local indie author and bookseller at the same time!

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