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Top 10 Bestselling Local Author Books – April


It’s time to highlight the local author books that have most flown off the shelf last month! April’s top 10 bestselling books by local authors were all given at least a slight boost from visits to the loft.

  1. Caroline Miller – Ballet Noir
  2. Ann Littlewood – Did Not Survive
  3. Lois Melina – Forged in Fire
  4. Ann Littlewood – Endangered
  5. Courtney Pierce – The Executrix
  6. Sam Roxas-Chua – Everything Has A Mouth
  7. Ellen Urbani – Landfall
  8. Rene Denfeld – The Enchanted
  9. Karen Karbo – How Georgia Became O’Keeffe: Lessons on the Art of Living
  10. Voicecatcher – She Holds the Face of the World tied with Courtney Pierce – Indigo Lake

One local author was just *so close* to making the list without having an event or appearance in the loft, and since everyone else on the list this month did have either an event or appearance, it seemed worth noting that. So, your honorable mention for the month:

Cait Spivey – From Under the Mountain

Looking for local authors to read/support? Any of these books would be a good place to start!

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