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Top 10 Bestselling Author Books – May

July 19, 2017 // Bestselling Local Authors

I went out the other night and my friend mentioned someone’s blog, and I thought – “Oh no! I’ve totally forgotten about this again.” Sigh. Sorry for the delay, for all 2 of you sitting on the edges of your seats, waiting to see the top sellers for May. Here you go; as usual, authors with a boost from an event are noted with an asterisk:

1. Kathleen Concannon: A Deadly Bluff *
2. Jonathan Eaton: Good Man for an Outlaw *
3. Karen Meadows: Searching for Normal *
4. Gigi Little (ed): City of Weird: 30 Otherworldly Portland Tales
5. Margaret Pinard: The Keening
6. Brian Doyle: The Mighty Currawongs & Other Stories
7. Suzy Vitello: The Empress Chronicles *
8. Kate Gray: Carry the Sky
9. Marnie Freeman: To the One *
10. D’Norgia Taylor: Seedlings

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