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July Book Review

August 3, 2016 // monthly book review

At the Bottom of the River by Jamaica Kincaid; .75 stars (out of 5)

It’s been a while since I’ve stayed true to myself and posted a more critical review. So, sorry Jamaica Kincaid, but here we go.

This gets .75 stars instead of .5 because this improved and wasn’t insufferable toward the end.

I really, really don’t like her writing. She does a weird repetition thing that just doesn’t work at all for me. And long (like pages long) sentences sometimes. It all feels like a mess, and is so uneven and frustrating to read. I think I actually hate it.

Which is why the story What Have I Been Doing Lately¬†surprised me – it was the same structure and repetition, but used to much better effect. I still wasn’t a fan of the writing per say, but she twisted it a bit, which was both a nice change and an unexpected thing for her to do. So I did kind of enjoy that story. And the last, the title story, At the Bottom of the River¬†also was nice.

I tried to go into each story with an open mind, so did find those two to be alright, or even enjoyable, but the others, each time, just frustrated me with the language and the writing. I won’t give Kincaid more than one more shot before I give up on her, as this is the second book of hers that I’ve read and the second that I’ve disliked pretty intensely.

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