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January Book Review

February 11, 2016 // monthly book review

What? This post is only a couple of weeks late? Huzzah! Well, I wanted to review¬†The Icarus Girl by Helen Oyeyemi because I loved it, but I just reviewed a different book of hers that I also loved a couple of months ago, so instead, I’ll give you:

Thinner by Stephen King; 3.5 stars

This was not a book I remember liking very much the first time around, so I was pretty surprised to find this as good as I did. It’s not mistake-free, but the writing is good, the concepts are solid, and the story is a fast-moving thriller. He has a surprising amount to say about marginalized communities and how we treat them (nothing in depth, but the point is made repeatedly) and I love that. He foreshadows an ending and then gives you a satisfying twist to it. I am definitely pleased with this one overall.

Sure, we need the Gypsies. We always have. Because if you don’t have someone to run out of town once in a while, how are you going to know you yourself belong there?” (italics not mine)

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