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April Book Review

June 2, 2017 // monthly book review

Where She Goes by Kate Gray; 4 (out of 5) stars

I’m sad that this is the last of the Kate Gray books that are published that I hadn’t read, so I don’t have more to read (until she publishes more). I’m sad that when she’s writing prose that means she’s not writing poetry. I’m sad that when she’s writing poetry that means she’s not writing prose. She is so talented.

This book is beautiful. Physically, I mean; the cover is gorgeous, the paper, the printing. It’s a work of art in and of itself. And on top of that there are the poems.

The book is divided in two halves. The first half is well done, certainly, but the second half is just so…much. Every poem builds on the previous one, using a word or phrase (and sometimes a theme) from the end of the poem before to begin the next; it works so incredibly well to tie them all together and build this raft of emotion that just builds and builds from poem to poem. This last half of the book is astounding. (If the book was only this half it would get 5 stars for sure.)

My two favorites are two in a row from this second half, first Pleasure and Need and then The Flood:

Pleasure and Need

you are an island parting
a river, a knot in wood, an iris
in grass, a volcano
cutting clouds. Imagine your legs
are the river parting, the island
supple, a tongue. Imagine waves
wrapping your island
in the flow, my hold
on you firm,

The Flood

now you firm beneath
the pull of me
my belly sliding down
my breasts dripping thick
rain rushing from hills sloped
like your neck once sinews of sand
now currents

waters receding
you will remember white
kisses ringing each limb
water rushing sweet places as
I wane
you will rise up oh

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